Welcome to Maurer® Instruments

We supply liquid sampling equipment, either catalogue products or complete packaged systems. All our products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards supplying several global markets. Process streams we can sample include a range of liquids with differing viscosities and densities. Our on-line systems can measure water cut, density & viscosity complying to the relevant API and IP standards including ISO 3171.

Product design is simply aimed at lowering operational costs and ensuring profitability.

Maurer® designed sampling equipment has enjoyed an enviable worldwide reputation for engineering excellence and long term reliability. Instruments and equipment built in the 1970’s are still in continuous operation today.

Maurer® crude oil sampling equipment designs were originally developed  in conjunction with BP Exploration in the early 80’s and  meet all the criteria laid down in ISO 3171 and related IP and API standards.

ES11 Electric Cell Sampler
ES11 Electric Cell Sampler